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September 17, 2013

General Dentist Washington Heights 

Dental restoratives give us the ability to avoid missing teeth, which can look unappealing, cause bite problems, and cause shifting teeth leading to discomfort or pain. In the field of dental restoratives, dental implants are at the top of the list. You can get dental implants from Dr. Elliott Gutman, our Washington Heights general dentist. Dental implants offer you a fixed and permanent solution to missing teeth, they look just like your natural teeth and they are strong enough to stand up to the pressure of chewing so you can eat with confidence.

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Other dental restoratives, like dental bridges, are certainly good choices, but they simply are not in the same league with dental implants. A bridge requires that the teeth on either side be drilled down to act as support for the bridge. They slide sometimes even with the use of dental adhesives to hold them in place. So your ability to speak and chew are not nearly as ideal as they should be. The adhesives themselves are quite messy and awkward to use. Dental implants are different. They are fused to your jaw bone by our Washington Heights general dentist and they do not slide or move. They are not removable. They need no adhesive. They will feel comfortable in your mouth, much the same as your natural teeth do. You can brush them and floss between them the same as you would do with natural teeth, also.

Almost everyone can have a successful dental implant procedure. Nearly 98% of them go off without any problem at all. So you can feel fully confident that you have made the right decision. You do need to have healthy gums and a strong enough jaw bone to hold the implant. Even if your jaw bone is not strong enough, with a bone graft- taking stronger bone from another part of your body and transplanting it to your jaw- you can still benefit from a dental implant. Some personal habits like smoking and diseases like diabetes can affect a successful candidacy for a dental implant. Schedule a consultation with our Washington Heights general dentist and get all your questions answered. Chances are you can get started on your way to a dental implant soon.

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