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February 24, 2014

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Have you suffered a physical blow to the face and jaw that is leaving your mouth in pain? Believe it or not a physical injury to your jaws is more than just a minor accident, it in fact calls or a dental emergency to insure the health of your teeth. Often times during injuries in sports, or even just a simple accident that will surely make a great story in the years to come, teeth can become severely injured, owing for the need for an emergency dental visit as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can always be sure to find expert oral health care when you need it most at your local Highbridge dental office of Elliott Gutman, DMD.

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Dislodged teeth can be a painful experience for anyone to undergo, and yet can happen at such a slight degree that a patient may not even be aware it has happened. A dislodged tooth occur when a physical blow slams into a tooth with enough force to push the tooth back into the socket, or sometimes even partially out of the socket. Dislodged teeth are treated primarily by your trusted Highbridge dental office through a course of root canal therapy along with medication to heal and stabilize the tooth. A permanent root canal filing can work to stabilize a dislodge tooth and assure it remains in its proper and healthy position.

Avulsed teeth occurs when a force is great enough to completely remove or otherwise knock out a tooth from the jaws of your smile. If you have suffered and avulse tooth, it is vital that you seek immediate care from the fully licensed and professionally trained staff of your Highbridge dental office. If treated in time your tooth can actually still be reattached, saving you the cost and pain of replacing it with an artificial tooth. An avulsed tooth should be replaced back inside its socket if possible, or otherwise can be brought to your emergency dental visit in a glass of milk or water with a pinch of salt added. Above all else, the tooth must be kept moist and brought promptly to your local emergency dentist the moment the injury occurs in order to begin emergency root canal therapy that can work to reattach your tooth securely to your smile.

Dislodged and avulsed teeth can be a terrifying experience for anyone to endure, but with a clear head and a quick visit to your neighborhood Highbridge dental office, you have nothing to be afraid of. Dr. Elliott Gutman, DMD has been saving smiles just like yours for over thirty years. For state of the art and personalized care when you need it most, be sure to visit the offices of Elliott Gutman, DMD to return your smile to a picture of perfect health.

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