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March 19, 2014

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If you’ve been considering tooth whitening and you would like to see noticeably brighter teeth as quickly as possible, our Hudson Heights cosmetic dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman, has the ideal solution for you. With our in-office tooth bleaching, you will get impressive results after just one treatment. Get back your smile, the one you have been wanting, and do it with a safe, effective, and quick bleaching treatment.

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Regardless of why or how your teeth became stained or discolored, in most cases your teeth can benefit significantly from in-office bleaching. Personal habits, such as smoking or chewing tobacco and drinking beverages such as red wine, tea, and coffee can have a very obvious effect upon changing the color of your teeth. But time itself is also a factor. Yes, as we age our tooth enamel wears down. This is a perfectly natural process, but what happens is that as the enamel erodes, it slowly reveals the tissue underneath- the less white and more dull material. Unfortunately, one cause of tooth discoloration which may not respond to in-office bleaching is when it has come about due to the use of tetracycline. This is something you can discuss with our Hudson Heights cosmetic dentist, though.

Even if your teeth have become yellow or even brown, the advantage to our in-office bleaching is that utilizes a professional strength whitening solution. This level of concentration is not available with at-home treatments. As done by our Hudson Heights cosmetic dentist, you can expect your sessions to yield considerably faster and more dramatic results, even after the very first treatment. Of course, if your teeth are severely discolored, it make take more sessions to reach your goal than if your teeth are only mildly stained. But the important part is that you have begun the process of whiter teeth and you can say goodbye to the way your teeth used to look.

It is undeniable that tooth whitening has come a long way. Our Hudson Heights cosmetic dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman is pleased to help you get the improvement you crave. Call us today and schedule your first session.

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