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June 23, 2014

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Loose dental fillings need to be evaluated and addressed. It’s important that you be aware of the signs that indicate a loose filling so that you can call us right away and schedule an appointment with our Hudson Heights family dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman. All fillings are subject to wear and tear, regardless of what type of material is used. This can be especially so for your back teeth. They contribute the most chewing force when you eat, so the fillings in them are even more prone to becoming loose over time.

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You initially get a dental filling because tooth decay has caused the loss of some of your valuable tooth enamel. This creates a cavity, the size depending on how far tooth decay has been able to penetrate. Our Hudson Heights family dentist cleans out the area, using a dental drill to form a more ideal space in which to place a filling. Despite excellent bonding, even the most durable filling can begin to wear out over time. Other than simple wear and tear, loose fillings can be caused by additional tooth decay that results in the area the filling is in growing larger and therefore permitting the filling to move around. As a filling becomes loose, bacteria and food particles may be able to find their way into the tiny spaces that are created between the tooth and the filling.

Your filling could be loosening and you may not be aware of it, at least not right away. What are some of the ways you can tell that a filling may have started becoming loose and might need to replaced? Well, pay attention to whether you feel any movement within your teeth that have fillings, especially when you are eating. Often, when you have a sense that your filling is loose, you are correct. You could also feel a toothache, perhaps dull or intermittent. The tooth may also become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. If you detect any of these signs, you should be examined by our Hudson Heights family dentist. The solution to a loose filling is a new filling in most cases. If a tooth has decayed past the point where a filling can be effective, then a crown may be required.

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