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January 27, 2015

Washington Heights Dental Fillings

Cosmetic dental fillings from our Washington Heights general dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman are a great way to effectively treat cavities and restore the health, strength, and beauty of your smile, while maintaining a natural appearance. These new state-of-the-art fillings are made of a composite of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and dental plastic resins to replace the decayed matter of your tooth, and restore it to a natural state that silver and gold fillings simply cannot imitate.

Composite dental fillings are not only more beautiful, but they have a great many advantages over previous metal-based filling techniques. Metal fillings, especially those of many years past, were made of numerous types blended together for ease of use. One such metal was mercury, and as such metal fillings should be approached with great caution when considering them. Ceramics use no metal at all, making them a much safer alternative. Unlike metal fillings, composites are actually chemically bonded to your teeth for improved strength and support. Their natural beauty means you can have a filling done on any of your teeth, and no one will know the difference except for you and yourWashington Heights dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman. Composite fillings often require less preparation and less removal of tooth structure to be adhered properly than metal fillings, so your procedure is more comfortable and expedient. Studies have shown that ceramic fillings outlast metal fillings as well, lasting over fifteen years to a lifetime with proper dental care.If you have sensitive teeth, you are probably suffering from exposed dentin; the porous inner part of the tooth. The use of previous metal fillings could not be bonded to the tooth because we did not fully understand how the dentin worked. These fillings would simply rest in a snug fit on top of the tooth to provide protection of the sensitive inner-tooth. Today, however, our fully licensed and trained Washington Heights general dentist can use cosmetic composite dental fillings which bond directly and firmly to your tooth, creating a lasting seal of protection, and giving you your natural smile back.

Cosmetic dental fillings require more extra steps than traditional metal fillings, and a greater degree of skill, so it is important to find a Washington Heights general dentist with the appropriate amount of knowledge and skill to give you the best composite dental fillings possible today. At the offices of Elliot Gutman, DMD, you will find exactly that, in a warm and welcoming environment that will put your anxieties at ease the moment you walk through the door. Dr. Gutman has worked as a renowned local orthodontist for over thirty years. His local office strives to provide expert care with the latest dental technologies, such as cosmetic dental fillings, in an environment you can feel comfortable in.

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