Dental Emergency in Washington Heights

June 23, 2016

Dental office in Washington Heights

Dental emergency in Washington Heights

When you have a dental emergency in Washington Heights, be it during regular office hours, weekends, evenings, and even on holidays, you can count on Dr. Gutman to be at your service. Our dentist understands that when you have an urgent matter, such as a toothache, or a dislodged or avulsed tooth, you cannot just wait it out. You need attention right away. That's why Dr. Gutman makes himself available when you need him the most. In addition, he is the on-call dentist for Yeshiva University. Don't hesitate to contact us when it's necessary.

Toothaches can be brought on for several possible factors. It could be because of a cavity or due to a chipped or fractured tooth. You might also have an exposed root, gum disease, or an infection, among other reasons. One thing is for certain: any toothache should be examined in a timely manner. But when pain is significant or severe, then you have a dental emergency in Washington Heights. A thorough checkup will allow Dr. Gutman to determine the precise problem and recommend the appropriate solution, which can range from a filing to a crown to possible root canal therapy.

Whether from an injury or an accident, when a tooth is loose from its socket, either dislodged or avulsed (knocked completely from its socket), you should not ignore the problem or wait to have it be seen. No matter what time of the day or night, you should call us to handle your dental emergency in Washington Heights. Quick action increases the odds for a favorable outcome. Push the tooth back into its socket if you can. If you cannot and it has come totally free, promptly place it into a glass of milk or a glass of water with a pinch of salt. This will keep it moist, which is vital to the chance of saving it. The other big factor will be if the pulp or nerve has been damaged at all. If it has not, the tooth may be able to placed back in without any additional treatment. If it has been damaged, root canal therapy could be required to restore it to full function again. Of course, there are some instances in which the tooth cannot be saved at all, but Dr. Gutman will make every effort to do so.

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